Publishing as (part-time) Practice at the New York Art Book Fair

In May 2012, Publishing as (part-time) Practice was a one-day seminar in Stockholm (May 25, 2012), organized by designers / small-scale publishers Matilda Plöjel (Sailor Press) and Mattias Jakobsson & Peter Ström (Konst & Teknik / Andperseand) and Iaspis. The keynote speakers, in addition to author and curator Andrew Blauvelt (US) were: Georg Rutishauser from edition fink(CH), Elin Maria Olaussen and Karen Christine Tandberg from Torpedo Press (NO), Matthew Stadler from Publication Studio(US), and Nille Svensson from Nilleditions (SE). The seminar brought together artist-run initiatives in the fields of literature, photography and visual art as well as design, to share experiences of publishing.

New York Art Book Fair sees the participation of a number of Swedish publishing houses run by graphic designers – represented by publications selected by Jakobsson, Ström and Plöjel:

The purpose of the seminar in Stockholm and the participation in NYABF is to highlight graphic designers who are also publishers, and pursue a discussion of the designer’s changing professional role as both «author» and «publisher». Iaspis’ ambition is to bring together both practitioners based in Sweden and abroad to facilitate exchanges of experiences and ideas. At NYABF, we extend an invitation to an ongoing discussion on the topic, with Swedish and international graphic designers/publishers.

Time: September 28–30, 2012
Place: MoMA PS1, Long Island City, Queens, New York, USA