Sven Drobnitza

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A white book filled with pages that would be completely empty if it wasn’t for the round black ink stain on one of its shorter edges. The stain bleeds into the paper, leaving a unique mark on each page. When the book is read like a flip book the three dimensional stain turns into an animation, a growing and fading image. With the title printed on both sides of the cover the book can be read in both directions: There is no beginning and no end. The process can be repeated until the book falls apart.

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Dimensions 100 × 170 mm
DesignerOlle Essvik



Rojal is a publishing project started in the spring of 2014 by the book binder and artist Olle Essvik, and the translator and artist Joel Nordqvist ­– for experiments, collaborations, discoveries and distribution of narratives, ideas, objects and images, that have been lost and forgotten, or deemed unfit for larger editions or conventional formats. Based in a workshop in Gothenburg, Sweden, we produce and publish everything from artists books, to photo books, multiples, computer games, theory and fiction, in small, carefully designed and handcrafted editions.