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Ola Rindal

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Attentive and precise Ola Rindal’s lens reveal textures in our daily surroundings. This proves especially true in his new work Tokyo Flowers which can be seen as an aesthetically sensitive survey of the sporadic and sometimes fragile presence of nature in the form of flowers in the Japanese capital.

Made during two trips to Tokyo in May 2013, Tokyo Flowers is a continuation of Rindal’s fascination with the blind spots of the urban environment, the things that are always there but tend to escape our gaze. In the Night, Light series (L—B. 003) literal blind shots in the dark was a way of discovering what is always present in the streets of Paris but seen in a new way. Tokyo Flowers employs a different method but to a similar purpose. Here the intimate framing scales up the rich flora of the Japanese capital’s sidewalks, revealing nature’s relentless growth regardless of the circumstances. Floral life pops through the cracks of concrete and tarmac beneath our line of vision.

Rindal’s images are not idealisations or a celebrations of nature. His photographic gaze is much more “objective” than that. Rather, Tokyo Flowers investigates the half-hidden textures, materials and forms of flowers and concrete that characterise parts of Tokyo’s identity as place. A study of the commonplace, of the half-out-of-sight, so to speak, this results in a photographic grammar of urban nature.

Filed under Art, Photography
Dimensions 215 × 287 mm
DesignerSandberg & Timonen

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