To Wait For the Inevitable: Narratives From the Sea

Lotta Törnroth

“First, what we see: sea, land, light; then how we feel: longing, fear, and hope.

In her series To Wait for the Inevitable: Narratives from the Sea, Lotta Törnroth has weaved a story from that what life is made of and from what we carry inside us. With a delicate dramatic composition, the photographer provides us with opposing pairs: the destructive and the constructive, the worrying and the consoling, darkness and light.

Freedom is a gift from the sea. Out at the sea no one leaves any trace; here every person is always new. But the human body is no match for a stormy sea, or even for still water. For as long as Törnroth can remember, the sea has fascinated her. It has attracted and scared her, she has been aware of the freedom and the danger the sea represents. Early on in her career as an artist, she started examining different aspects of the sea and it became a theme in her work.

For this series she first thought of the seafarers; the ones who disappeared, swallowed by the sea. But then there were others who called for her attention. Others, whose fates were more interesting – the ones who were left on land, who tried to remain hopeful, longing and waiting, sometimes for the inevitable.” From the foreword by Jenny Maria Nilsson

Lotta Törnroth is interested by the power of the sea and the relation between man and the sea. Photography, text and sculpture form a story about the potential catastrophe at sea. What happens within us, just waiting for it to happen and the effect it has after the catastrophe has happened. Being torn between hope and despair, but also the beauty of not giving up.

To Wait For the Inevitable: Narratives From the Sea is a three-part story including photographs and essays. With this work Törnroth won the Victor Fellowship award 2014 from the Hasselblad Center. The book was published by Blackbook Publications in autumn the same year and released at the Center for Photography in Stockholm the 25th of September in connection to their exhibition about photo books where Törnroth also exhibited the work.

ContributorsJenny Maria Nilsson, Johanna Sevholt
Filed under Art, Fiction, Photography, Theory
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