Livraison No 3

Open Landscapes — Closed Rooms


There are so many things we know nothing about: meetings taking place in the dark, whispered truths being exchanged and gasped at behind closed doors and documents that were locked away only to be forgotten — words that may wither away and disappear completely. Secret stories about all and nothing.

In a time where people’s secrets are revealed and forced upon us wherever we look (even those we don’t wish to know), Livraison III examines what a secret really is. Who carries a secret, and how does it feel to know something nobody else knows?

We asked people we thought might hold the key to the hidden truths of art, life, human nature, and perhaps even the universe, to trust us with their secrets. We wrote to the most secretive and creative personalities like Geoff Mc Fetridge, Michelle Cortez, Rem Koolhas, Kathryn Williams and Paul Freud, who all stepped forward to satisfy our curiosity.

But as surely as night follows day, Livraison doesn’t limit itself to one form of expression. The secret personalites of some are perfectly complemented by the secret appearances of others. In Livraison III, 69 photographers, including Bela Borsodi, Helmut Lang, Sølve Sundsbø, Richard Burbridge and Viviane Sassen, manifest their visions of secret identities by using masks to conceal the real identity of their objects, create a sort of dualism, erase or enhance the person behind the mask and give birth to a new identity.

ContributorsArt Contributors: Adam Etmanski, Adrien Missika, Aimée Hoving, Anders Edström, André Wolff, Andrea Crews, Annika Aschberg, Annika Von Hausswolff, Ann—Sofie Back, Anne De Vries, Antimode, Anoush Abar, Anouk Kruithof, Arnold Kemp, Bandai Yosuke, Bela Borsodi, Bruce Labruce, Camille Vivier, Carlee Fernandez, Charles Fréger, Collier Schorr, Damien Blottiere, Damon Zucconi, Daniel Sannwald, Ellen Af Geijerstam, Erik Kessels, Estelle Hanania, Fredrik Skogkvist, George Bolster, Guerra De La Paz, Gwon Osang, Helmut Lang, Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir, Jaap Scheeren, Jean Ulrick Désert, Jh Engström, Johan Fowelin, Johan Renck, John Scarisbrick, Krista Van Der Niet, Levi Van Veluw, Louise Enhörning, Lovisa Burfitt, Manuela Barczewski, Marcelo Krasilcic, Mark Turlan, Marnix Goossens, Martina Hoogland Ivanow, Maurice Scheltens, Melanie Bonajo, Mi—Zo, Misaki Kawai, Miss Liz, Nagi Noda, Ola Bergengren, Ola Rindal, Oliver Sieber, Patrik Söderstam, Peter Freitag, Peter Geschwind, Pieter Hugo, Rachel Thomas, Rejecteffect, Reza Aramesh, Richard Burbridge, Roger Andersson, Ruth Van Beek, Sandra Backlund, Sandra Freij, Sandy Plotnikoff, Simon Wald—Lasowski, Stefan Burger, Stephen Lewis, Sølve Sundsbø, Thorsten Brinkman, Tilman Peschel, Tonk, Tre Dadlar, And Viviane Sassen, Aki Kaurismäki, Danielle Gustafson—Sundell, David Shrigley, Dinos Chapman, Els Pynoo, Erik Kessels, Freire Barnes, Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir, Jake Chapman, Jayson Scott Musson, Joe Swanberg, Jon Jefferson Klingberg, Jun Morioka Elding, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Kathryn Williams, Madeleine Berkhemer, Michelle Cortez, Mike Mills, Neil Strauss, Paul Freud, Ralph Lundsten, Richard Kern, Richard Milward, Sebastian Horsley, Sérgio Dias, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Stephane Barbier Bouvet, Sophie Brown, Tomás Vanek, Tim Neu, Udo Kier, Victor Glemaud, Will Steffen
Filed under Art, Photography
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