Livraison No 2


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Do you remember the sound of a letter slipping through the letterbox? The weight and feel of the paper in your hands, your name handwritten in black ink, knowing from the handwriting whose name you will find signed at the bottom of the page?

Livraison II Exchange Issue — Letters are not the obvious inspiration in a world currently inundated with ways to keep in touch at all times (e-mail, mobile telephones, text messages, blackberries). Short correspondence is commonplace, but whatever happened to storytelling? Unnecessary reflections? Ramblings? Rants? This issue is about rediscovering the art of letter writing.

How did the people we were intrigued by react to our letters? Heroes and heroines like Miranda July, Donna Tartt, Julie Verhoeven, Alexander Robotnick, Michael Nyman, Carl Johan de Geer, Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Wes Lang, Alain de Botton and Serena Reeder exchanged a single letter each in reply to ours.

The visual side of Livraison #2 examines objects that pass most of us by daily without capturing our attention “The stuff that surrounds you”. We have placed these objects into a new context, allowing them to act as the model in front of the camera, showing the relationship between the photographer and object.

ContributorsAnders Edström, Anna Kleberg, Annabel Elston, Anne De Vries, Anuschka Blommers, Bela Borsodi, Camille Vivier, Danny Treacy, Dawid, Elspeth Diederix, Erwin Wurm, Frederik Lieberath, Gareth Mcconnell, Johan Fowelin, Krista Van Der Niet, Lars Tunbjörk, Marianne Vierø, Marnix Goossens, Maurice Scheltens, Melanie Bonajo, Michael Baumgarten, Neil Strauss, Ola Bergengren, Research And Development, Richard Kern, Riitta Päiväläinen, Toby Mcfarlan Pond And Viviane Sassen, Alain De Botton, Alexander Robotnick, Alysa Nahmias, Amy Kellner, Andreas Tilliander, Anna Lundh, Aresa, Belles Of The Black Diamondfield, Bennett Madison, Billy Parish, Carl Johan De Geer, Donna Tartt, Emily Barclay, Field, Geneviève Gauckler, Hassan Khan, Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Jordan Schuster, Juan Maclean, Julie Verhoeven, Kim Jones, Malte Schlorf, Mark Doty, Matti Pyykko, Michael Nyman, Miranda July, Misaki Kawai, Naoyuki Tsuji, Paola Stenborg, Serena Reeder, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, The Magic Numbers, The Yes Men, Reiko Underwater, Roger Andersson, Ruben Fleischer, Wes Lang And Yasmine Kassari
Filed under Art, Photography
Dimensions 230 × 330 mm
DesignerSandberg & Timonen
PrinterVitt grafiska

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Livraison is an independent publisher operating from the offices of art direction agency Sandberg&Timonen in Stockholm, Sweden. Divided into a magazine and a book publishing branch, Livraison embrace unapologetic artistic point of views that challenge the clear-cut boundary between commerce and high art. Approaching publishing with the uncompromisingly raw edge of fanzine culture, our main focus is projects and processes rather than established auteurs and icons.