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Private Issue


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Private Issue constitutes an exploration of people by means of interviews and portraits. Your heroes and heroines, people you love or hate, interesting or not? You choose.

We display the two artforms of textual interviews and visual portraits separately. By omitting the image from the interviewed and the text from the portrayed, we dismiss the normal way of presenting people. All interviews are carried out via email through tailor-made questionnaires. The subjects’ answers are unedited in order to minimize judgement and maximize access to the person at hand.

ContributorsAndreas Ackerup, Andreas Larsson, Elisabeth Toll, Fredrik Skogkvist, Jonas Isfält, Kristian Bengtsson, Louise Enhörning, Marcus Söder, Martina Hoogland Ivanow, Martin Runeborg, Melanie Bonajo, Miss Liz, Mikael Olsson, Ola Rindal, Sarah Shatz, Soody Sharifi, Sophie Mörner, Tobias Nilsson, Tomas Falmer And Vincent Gapaillard, Adult, Alicia Erian, Ann-Sofie Back, Asia Argento, The Beauty Shop, Bruce Labruce, Clay Lacefield, Efterklang, Extreme Kidnapping, Fluxus, Go Hiyama, Ikonoskop, James Warhola, Jason Lee, Jeans Team, Jonas Elding, Joseph Gaï Ramaka, Kalle Lasn, Kings Of Convenience, Maison Martin Margiela, Matthew Thurber, May Cornet, M/M (Paris), Morenotwins, Petra Lindholm, Princess Nicotine, Rei Kawakubo, Rejecteffect, Roger Andersson, Stephen Elliot, Steve Almond, Swayzak, Syrup Helsinki, Yoav Shamir
Filed under Art, Fashion, Photography
Dimensions 230 × 330 mm
DesignerSandberg & Timonen
PrinterVitt grafiska

Livraison Magazine & Books

Livraison Magazine & Books

Livraison is an independent publisher operating from the offices of art direction agency Sandberg&Timonen in Stockholm, Sweden. Divided into a magazine and a book publishing branch, Livraison embrace unapologetic artistic point of views that challenge the clear-cut boundary between commerce and high art. Approaching publishing with the uncompromisingly raw edge of fanzine culture, our main focus is projects and processes rather than established auteurs and icons.