Hall of Femmes: Lillian Bassman

”I’ve never not worked. I’m 93 years old and I’ve been working since I was 15. ”

Hall of Femmes

Lillian Bassman (1917–2012) began as an assistant to Alexey Brodovitch at Harper’s Bazaar in the early 1940s, at the epicenter of the American magazine culture’s Golden Age. In 1945 she became art director for the newly launched Junior Bazaar, a fashion magazine for teenagers that functioned as an experimental workshop for all kinds of young creative talents. At Junior Bazaar, Bassman took Brodovitch’s constant goads »Think different. Change. Astonish me.« and built an upbeat, unpredictable magazine around them. From the 1940s until the 1960s Bassman worked as a fashion photographer for both Junior Bazaar and Harper’s Bazaar. Her life story reads like a movie and stretches across the entire 20th century.

ContributorsLillan Bassman, Samira Bouabana, Angela Tillman Sperandio
Filed under Art, Design, Fashion, Photography, Theory
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