Georges Perec The Machine by Olle Essvik

Olle Essvik/ Georges Perecs

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I searched the Internet and found the book The Machine, written by Georges Perec, a manuscript from a radio play, a fantasy about the future – computers as creators and interpreters of poetry. With Georges’s text and my computer I created the program Georges once dreamed of. Every book is no. x of 400 unique copies created by the program.

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Dimensions 100 × 160 mm
DesignerOlle Essvik



Rojal is a publishing project started in the spring of 2014 by the book binder and artist Olle Essvik, and the translator and artist Joel Nordqvist ­– for experiments, collaborations, discoveries and distribution of narratives, ideas, objects and images, that have been lost and forgotten, or deemed unfit for larger editions or conventional formats. Based in a workshop in Gothenburg, Sweden, we produce and publish everything from artists books, to photo books, multiples, computer games, theory and fiction, in small, carefully designed and handcrafted editions.