Arkitekt Georg Varhelyi

Dennis Hankvist


“I have with this book tried to put the spotlight on one of my architectural heros. One that in my opinion is far too forgotten. For a very long time Georg Varhelyis architecture have interested me and I have had the idea for a while to collect his works in a book. My first contact with Georg’s architecture came through his iconic high rise building in Björkhagen. When I later discovered that another one of my favorite buildings in Stockholm, Bergshamra Church, also was designed by Georg I started my research properly to get started on a book. Countless hours have been spent on research at the Architecture and design center in Stockholm. After some time I got in contact with Georg’s children and interviewed them in the hope to write a biography. Instead it became conversation about George as a person, father and architect. This book is not an attempt to reproduce everything that George has done or to give all the facts and answers, but to open up an interest in one of Sweden’s real architectural stars.”

– Dennis Hankvist

ContributorsDennis Hankvist
Filed under Architecture
Dimensions 240 × 340 mm
DesignerDennis Hankvist



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