A Public Notice

Varv Varv

The act of posting the notice (both literally hammering a panel into a wooden post, and of choosing to display a message), is an act of publishing. It is publishing in the sense that it is a statement presented to an audience—to a public; an undefined future group of spectators who's potential proximity to both the sign and the immediate ground it stands in will establish a relationship in part mediated by another absent body. It becomes a sign only once a viewer is there to recognise it as such. When that proximity is lost, the post returns to its patient silence, standing mute, an outpost for the birds.

Double sided offset printed B3 poster.

Designed and published by VARV VARV as part of ‘Nearly and nervous nearly and now’ Art-writing symposium at Galleri Box, Gothenburg, Sweden. The front of the print is a photograph of the back of a sign. The reverse is a meandering text questioning the agency and intentionality in making something public.

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