Welcome to Publishing as (Part-time) Practice (PA(P)P) — an ever-growing network of small-scale, Swedish publishers within the cultural sector. The aim of PA(P)P is to help the publishers gain knowledge and strength from the network and in turn simplify the publishing of great books.

PA(P)P was initiated in 2012 by designers and publishers Matilda Plöjel of Sailor Press and Mattias Jakobsson & Peter Ström of Andperseand, in collaboration with IASPIS.

During its first year, PA(P)P organized an international seminar in Stockholm focusing on the designer as publisher, an international touring exhibition with 12 Swedish designer run publishers, and published a book on small-scale publishing.

In 2013 illustrator and writer Sara Teleman joined the project group and PA(P)P was recreated as a publishing network. The travelling exhibition continued to Copenhagen, Leipzig, Oslo, and Bergen. Disussions with the already included publishers as well as potential new ones on what a network for small publishers could be, how and why were kept.

In 2014 together with Book on the Fritz and Jarko, PA(P)P co-organized an alternative book fair in conjunction with Gothenburg Book Fair.

In 2014–15 the network was finally realized through joint presence at several book fairs such as Offprint Projects in Paris and London, Stockholm Art Book Fair and London Art Book Fair. The new website was announced at the Fotobok Gbg 15 exhibition on the 24th of September 2015. A complete list of all PA(P)P presentations and exhibitions can be found on our events page.


As of September 2015, the PA(P)P aims are:

  • For our publishers: To easier reach an international audience, network between members in order to gain knowledge on publishing, build a a database of information regarding applications, legal rights etc
  • For our audience: To easier find new books from Swedish publishers, both online and at book fairs, to spread the knowledge gained from book publishing and of setting up a network

About the website

This website works as the networks’ joint catalogue. Most publishers make books as a part of another practice and publish only a few titles per year. By presenting all publishers together, we offer a single website for our readers to easily get a quick overview of what’s new within innovative and artistic books in Sweden. PA(P)P also regularly post information about what’s happening within the publishing field on our news and Facebook pages; book fairs, book releases, lectures and things that we have been reading, watching, and listening to lately.

Please note: If you want to order any of the books, please follow the link on each book titles’ individual page.

The website and PA(P)Ps’ graphic identity was designed and produced by Konst & Teknik and Patch Hofweber.

Join the network

If you are a Swedish publisher and want to join the network, please get in touch! Participating in PA(P)P is currently free.

Contact PA(P)P

Don’t hesitate to contact PA(P)P if you are interested in the network and its publishers, inviting us to a book fair or have us over for a lecture or presentation.

PA(P)P is currently administrated by Sara Teleman, Mattias Jakobsson, Matilda Plöjel and Peter Ström.

Thanks for support

PA(P)P has been very lucky to have been funded in part by these fine institutions:

  • — Kulturbryggan (2014)
  • — Innovativ kultur (2013)
  • IASPIS (2012–2013)