publishing as (part-time) practice

pa(p)p is a growing network of small-scale Nordic publishers within the cultural sector. Through collective marketing, distribution and the exchange of knowledge, we aim to create an interesting and diverse list with favorable conditions for our publishers. Currently we are working on an online platform with a shared catalogue and forum to be released in 2015.

To date, PA(P)P has organized a seminar in Stockholm focusing on the designer as publisher, an international touring exhibition with 12 Swedish design driven publishers, and published a book on small-scale publishing (order here!).

PA(P)P was founded in 2012 by designers and publishers Matilda Plöjel of Sailor Press and Mattias Jakobsson + Peter Ström of Konst & Teknik and Andperseand, in collaboration with Iaspis. In 2013 illustrator and writer Sara Teleman joined the project group.

If you’re interested in small-scale publishing, or possibly joining the network, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and/or follow us on Tumblr and Facebook where we will post updates on future PA(P)P progresses.